Mad combo?


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For some weird reason I have this idea in my head of combining a Tag AV32R 192 5.1 with 2 Arcam P85's (1 P85/3). It would seem a strange combo, but could it work? Baring in mind I only have a small room and I never go higher than -15db. What do you think? Frankenstein's monster or match made in heaven?

John Dawson

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The TAG processor and Arcam power amps are both properly engineered products. The system you propose is not at all strange and will work fine.

But please don't forget to audition an Arcam AV8 if you get the opportunity :)

John Dawson (Arcam)


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or used 100x5R
;-) :)


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Hi John, I was with Gordon at one of the AV8 demos you did at the Bristol show a while back. I was certainly impressed, but it might be just over my budget, even the 5.1 Tag is pushing it. At this stage I'm just looking for audio delay but I would rather wait a little while and do a major upgrade than spend £600 to get my Denon A1SE upgraded. Just looking at the possible options at the moment. I'm nearly sold on 2 P85's for the power amp, its the processor I'm not convinced about, they all seem to have too many options I don't need like video switching.




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I use a TAG AV32R + Arcam A85 (as power amp), P85/3 setup. I love it!

I know, I still have to do a proper review. Work has been v. time consuming - you have to earn to spend - and I haven't had enough time to truly enjoy it.


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