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Mac Book Air:

Ok, nothing more really, just gadget porn, but you can't replace the battery so you can't carry a spare so you can't be far from a power source after 5 hours (is that using all those wireless features?) And I just love the way they cover up the fact they chose to leave a superdrive out of it to make it that thin by talking up the remote install thingy. Still it's really designed to be used around the house where the person will have a main desktop. And that flash drive is wwwaaaaayyyyyy to much. So why bother when you can get an EEE PC for way less?

I will be getting one of the new NAS drives though for my backup.

EDIT: Just watched the keynote, I can see why I want one now! It's not for me though as I only want a laptop and it's not powerful enough, would need a Mac Pro as well!! It's a damn sexy piece of kit though. Gadget porn at it's very best.


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edit: I'm hating BT right now, the 162mb update is crawling down my line. If it takes this long on BT to get a software update I don't think I'll be bothering with an AppleTv and HD movie rentals until I can switch provider
it was the apple server that was slow, I think lots of reports on other forums of the same, it took me 3 hours just to get the iphone update. (not on BT here) all the other updates have been really quick in comparison.

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