Macrovision stripping cables?


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Mar 28, 2002
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Morning all,
I recall reading a post on here about connecting cables that strip out the Macrovision signal.
I'm transferring my old videos onto dvd-r. The DMD-E20 is very quick to tell me when I can't copy material; annoyingly, this is happening on some films I actually taped off the TV (The Abyss is an example).
This is pretty frustrating, when I have a tatty old home taped video that won't let me transfer to DVD-r.

So, any offers of adnice on where to get hold of such cables?

Cheers for any help,
I believe Techtronics sell one (although some people question their after-sales performance). Also, try Lektropacks.
Thanks for that Steve;
I ordered a little macrovision stripping unit from this morning; for £25 + £4 airmail; they specificalliy mention the DMR-E20 in its use.
We'll see how it goes.

Cheers for you help,

Does this work with NTSC? I've got a few NTSC videos that I would like to transfer to DVD.

Does this work with NTSC? I've got a few NTSC videos that I would like to transfer to DVD.


The cable only stops macrovision protection.:(
Well, that would be yes then I think;
The cables and blocker device all work on the principle of blocking the Macrovision signal. It's not a PAL <-> NTSC converter, but it will block teh Macro signal for both PAL and NTSC videos. (according to the blurb).

I have some NTSC tapes I want to put onto DVD; I'll let you know how I go.

Cheers, I'm not trying to convert NTSC to PAL. I've got a DMR-E30 on order and it can record NTSC.
I've got a friend who has the E20 and he has had a terrible time trying to copy his vids because of macrovision the same for his dvds. PAL no problem but the macro is still intact on his NTSC discs.
Oh well, just need to transfer my 50 vids.
Well, my little Macro stripping unit from in Hong Kong didn't make any difference; nothing would record. It did, however work for a friend who has a projection screen, (which apparently have built in Macrovision circuits to prevent public showing of tapes marketed for private use).
His films now show fine, meaning there's something going on, but not enough for the hyper sensitive DMR.

So last night I tried the scart leads from;
They worked perfectly; all my old copy protected videos now record onto dvd with no problems at all...

Still have no success in getting NTSC tapes onto dvd though, even after changing the TV system input settings on the DMR setup menu; any offers of advice?

There are two types of Macrovision protection used on DVDs. Can't remember what they are called, but the standard one messes with the sync pulses to stop recording on standard VHS machines. This does not work on DVHS recorders and possibly DVDR, so they have a second system that tells digital recorders not to enter record mode.

Most "Macrovision off" DVD mods only turn off the first type.


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