Macrovision Removal? WinDVD, PowerDVD or GeForce 4 graphics card??!

Paul O

I have all of the above available and am trying to remove macrovision from being displayed.

Can anyone help please?? I have found a few sites, but the patches don't match my versions, or links are down.

Any help would be appreciated!!



Paul O

Thanks MuFu, i have had a look at this tool, but it says "Sorry, cant find a TV chip on your graphics card".

How do I find out which TV chip it has??




TVTool doesn't work on GF4MX cards that user the on-chip TV Encoder.

Basically you just shouldn't have bought a GF4MX card as NVIDIA really messed up with the hardware in it. It's just a fast GF2, not even hardware suprior to the GF3.

Paul O

Doh! hehe.

It doesn't matter really, I bought it just as a cheap upgrade from my aging ATI All-In-Wonder. More of a stop-gap (as is the 1200 Duron motherboard I bought).

Still, got the whole lot (excluding case), including sound, ethernet, chip, board and graphics for £110. Bargain!!!

Thanks for your help tho'


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