macro, what is it?

Mr Cat

in a nutshell - it's usually a function (on a camera) or a specific kind of lense that enables you to take close up photographs, normally around 10cm from the subject


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Macro is the ability to get very close to the subject and focus,like the example below.Macro photography is used quite a lot in flower/insect pictures.

You would need a camera with either a macro feature or a seperate macro lens to get this type of shot as normal lenses will not focus at short distances.This photograph was taken about 2" from the flower.

You can get similar results from a normal lens but you would have to crop the image to get the same result.


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scratchyjase said:
can some one give me a clue what does macro mean and what does it do?


You will find better shots but this gives you an idea of macro at 1x1 magnification.. :)


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