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Macbook to Pioneer 919 Receiver, no sound, help!


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Hi guys and girls.

Wired my macbook pro to my Pioneer 919 Receiver via HDMI and picture is perfect but can't get any sound? I have the 3.5mm jack to red/white phono leads but can't get any sound out no matter where I plug them in.

What am I doing wrong? Any ideas?


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Cheers guys.

My temporary fix was to run a jack to jack from the macbook headphone port to my seperate little JBL ipod dock to at least get a sound to watch a movie.

So we know the audio is coming out of the headphone port so i really just need to figure out where to plug my 3.5mm to red/white phono lead and how to get that audio out of the speakers. Aux in? If I plug in there though how do I get assign the audio from aux in to coordinate with whats playing through HDMI1?

Thanks for any help.


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you just have to change the input assignment to match, see the manual if you are unsure, its quite simple:thumbsup:


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I already posted the answer to you in a private message. But since it took me ages to figure this one out, no thanks to the internet, it can't hurt to post the answer here for others to find.

You can't assign an audio source to one of the hdmi inputs. However you can assign an HDMI video input to one of the other predefined inputs (DVD, DVR etc.). For this to work you have to turn off Kuro Link (which is turned on by default). Hook up the sound to one of the other inputs (DVD, DVR, MULTI CH). In my case I use DVR. Then go to the input setup menu and select the input you hooked up your sound to. Under HDMI Input select the HDMI signal you hooked up your macbook to, e.g. hdmi-1 (this option was greyed out before because Kuro Link was turned on). Exit the menu and test. If you still don't get any sound at this stage you might have to use the SIGNAL SEL button on the remote to select ANALOG ( see p. 57 of the manual).

Hope this helps.

AUX, CD and CD-R cannot be used for this purpose. Not sure about BD. I think it has to be DVD, DVR or MULTI CH IN.

If you actually need Kuro Link then you're somewhat screwed. You would have to perform the above steps everytime you want to hook up your laptop/macbook and turn on Kuro Link again when your done with your computer.

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