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Discussion in 'Apple Forum' started by daveb975, Jul 30, 2012.

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    I am currently running a 2008 iMac that is on it's last legs. I am reluctant to buy a new iMac as they are soon to be refreshed, but I can't really wait until October for the new one to be available.

    My current thinking is to buy a new Macbook (originally the Air, but now I have seen the Retina, I am thinking about that one:roll eyes:)

    Once I have got that up and running, I will tear down my iMac that needs a new hard drive and optical drive and try and keep them both up and running.

    One of the main uses for the Mac is iPhoto. I am planning to move my iPhoto library from the iMac to a NAS. Would it then be possible for both Macs to access the same library? If so, could anyone recommend a suitable NAS? I have an Airport Extreme, so I guess I could just hang USB hard drives off that.

    Having experienced an SSD Mac for the first time, I will definitely be getting one in my new Macbook as well as installing one in the iMac if I can. If I do this, and then put my iPhoto, iTunes and video libraries on a NAS, will I be losing a lot of the speed advantage?

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