Macbook Pro Speed Problem


So I got my Macbook Pro and wow, fantastic machine. I then decided I wanted to play a little Bioshock and get some acheivement's using Vista.

So I put Vista on the laptop using Bootcamp, after three hours or so I'm sick of the issue's. I posted a thread on here but I couldn't stand it anymore and just removed the thing with bootcamp.

Anyway now loading the Laptop takes longer than before :thumbsdow The OS still runs fine but it now takes 40 seconds to load up as opposed to 15 when I first got it (3 days ago).

This did actually happen with my first Macbook also.

Any help?



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its best to restore the MBP to factory settings using the supplied discs in the box.

make sure to back up any important information though !!!


Promised Land

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Haven't you heard about the virus that CAN affect a Mac?It's called Microsoft (insert "flavour" here) OS:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl::rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:
Sorry,I know that doesn't help,but any opportunity to dis Gatesy and co...........................:devil:

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Best advice is to restore it to defaults then install XP, much better and more stable then Vista crap. Did you install the 64bit version of Vista?

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