Macbook Pro Spec & Price Comparison - Advice Needed!


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I'm looking to buy a Macbook Pro through the Apple refurb site but am in two minds as to which to get. There are two different machines listed which are identical except for the following:

- 2.16 gigahertz Core Duo vs 2.33 gigahertz Core 2 Duo
- 1 gig RAM vs 2 gig RAM
- 100 gig 7200 rpm Hard Drive vs 160 gig 5400 rpm Hard Drive

The machine with the specs that are listed first is going for £1200 whereas the machine with the specs listed second is going for £1600.

I'll mainly just be using the machine for using the internet, sending & receiving e-mail & downloading music amongst other things. I also intend to look into some of the music software that I've heard people rave about at some point.

My question, then, is this: is the second system worth the extra £400? If I were to go for the cheaper system, I imagine I could probably pick up an extra gig of RAM & an extra Hard Drive of a larger capacity than 60 gig for around £400 (could well be wrong, tho :rolleyes:) so that basically just leaves the question of whether or not a system with a Core 2 Duo is worth £400 more than a system with a Core Duo?

Any input greatly appreciated :blush:


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Could you just not go with a standard spec MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo brand new from the mac store? It's £1349 with:

- 1gb Ram
- 2.16ghz Core 2 Duo
- 120gb HDD

I've got Macbook Pro C2D, and so obviously can't comment first hand, but heard people had more problems with the original core duos, run hotter etc when compared to the C2D.

You are right in thinking you can pick up an extra ram and harddrive cheaper (look at crucial memory for the RAM, and maybe ebuyer or dabs or the internal harddrive). However I believe the harddrives are harder to replace on the MBPs (still think it can be done, but not as easily as the MacBooks) and it might be worth looking at what RAM you get with the refurb, say if you get 2 x 512mb sticks, means you will have to buy two 1gb sticks to get 2gb in total. Where as the new ones definitely come up with a 1gb stick as standard, so later on, if you did want to go for 2gb, you'd just have to buy the one stick, so it'd be cheaper. No too sure how the original MBPs came. I'm sure someone else on here will know.

If you know anyone at university, they can get you some great discount off a new a mac, so I'd look into that if you can.

I'd probably go the for new one, at £1349 not because it isn't a refurb, but because it is a Core 2 Duo, so not only is it a quicker processor, but also Apple's second attempt with the MacBook Pro, so ironed out a few problems. That in my mind is worth the £150 jump.

Please feel free to ask anymore questions.



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The machine I think you're linking to (not sure as the link doesn't work - were you logged in to the Apple site when you copied it?) is the 15" version. The two I'm on about from the refurb site are 17" which is what I'm after. Probably should have mentioned that! :blush:

I'll probably go for the more expensive one as it seems good value compared to buying the exact same machine new for £1900.


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I was indeed referring to the 15" MBP.

Can I just ask why you want 17"? I know a few people with them, that have then 'downgraded' to 15".

With a 15" it is still portable and not too heavy. You can then add an external screen, say about 20" and still have money left over from the difference between a 15" MBP and a 17" MBP. If you haven't looked at one in the flesh, then I'd recommend doing so.

Just my two cents.

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