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Macbook Pro 2GHz Model ID 1.1 Keyboard Problems?

Discussion in 'Apple Forum' started by Sarah110175, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Sarah110175

    Sarah110175 Active Member

    Mar 16, 2008
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    Hi There,

    I've got an old Macbook pro gifted to me. It's 2GHz Intel Dual core.

    Recently there was a bit of disastor and liquid spilt on the machine. Fortunatley or unfortunatley (liquids near laptops i know :blush:) I managed to power off and turn upside down.

    Kept it drying out for a week. Then turned on, all was well except the keyboard was dead, only a few keys working.

    Checked the model (it's Canadian) and got a replacement keyboard (British, but said to work on the model, checked with sellar on part no etc).

    Had keyboard replaced (Mac Engineer at brother in laws work place).

    Keyboard seems to be just fine, except:

    1) Caps lock hasnt worked from day one. Using modifier if I assign caps lock to another key, and hit that key, command for example, the green caps lock light will light up. But if I assign the caps lock anything, no response.

    2) I decided to live with it and continue use. 3 weeks on, all of sudden at times the keyboard stops responding and I have to reboot. Upon which it's all fine again.

    Please please! can anyone offer any advice / direction and experience they may have, so I can try before forking out for another check and maybe keyboard.:lease:

    I've OSX 10.6.x (not sure on the last digit)

    Many thanks :thumbsup:


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