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MacBook Pro 15" Retina vs iMac


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I recently sold my my monster gaming PC with a GTX Titan to get myself a retina MacBook Pro. I do change my mind a lot so I am looking for advice on what's the best to get with my budget.

I have gone from 2500K gaming PC to MacBook retina then 3930K with a Titan now back to a MacBook. I change because certain games make me want a PC again so this time I'm hoping to find a balance in MacBook/bootcamp and a console.

I got the MacBook retina £1799 version on Sunday which has a 650M. Seems it should be ok for gaming but when I was looking at other apple products I saw the new iMac has a 680M. I was going to pay extra for the 512gb version of the MacBook but now I am tempted to get an iMac with its better GPU for gaming and a large HDD and then if my budget stretches enough I could get a non retina MacBook Pro.

I do like the retina MacBooks but £2299 is a lot if it won't cater for all my needs so would appreciate some feedback on performance of iMac vs MacBook and input on what I should do.

My uses will be adobe and autodesk software and I am going to look into using Xcode. I will also want to play RTS games like C&C and some FPS games likes BF3. Not expecting ultra settings but I want it to be playable.

iMac and MacBook Pro


MacBook Pro Retina and XBOX/PS3



Clearly there are a whole bunch of people that 'get' pc gaming - I don't and would much rather have a dedicated games console.

So for me I would vote for the MBP (non retina) and Xbox 360


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I must admit I stuck MW3 on the day I got the super slim and I couldn't believe the difference. Normally you don't see it but I was spending more and more on my PC for extra detail which I will eventually forget about.

I have 14 days to think about keeping this MBPr or not, I was thinking about a non retina as the price is great and I can always stick my own SSD and extra ram in there if I wish.

The retina doesn't even run at full res anyway, its scaled.

I will save myself about £750 if I go for non retina and do upgrades myself. Its driving me mad whats the best choice, I used to always avoid an iMac but the latest ones look really nice visually and on paper.


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Hi ,i have the 2012 3.2 i5 imac with the 675mx card,and according to the specs of the card its almost a 680 ,take a look on macrumors site,it might save you a few quid over the 680

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