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Aug 17, 2009
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Hi, my MacBook charger just broke for the second time. Got so hot this time I couldn't touch it! I'm in the UK and was just wondering where the best place to get one from is? I know I can go to Apple, but I've read very bad things about their new £65 one, and it has 1* reviews out of 5*.

Any recommendations?


That's the one I currently have.
The new power adaptors are miles better than the old ones
Hi, you may want to have a look online for a class action suit result in favour of customers who have had adaptors which have failed... not sure if it is your model, but I have the latest model and have had two fail from the casing cracking in the same place which then becomes a danger to use.

I had one replaced no problems but they won't on this one despite it being the same issue... I'm tempted to make a bigger deal of it as I know others have had the same issue!!

Good luck
My current adapter is almost 5 years old so I'm not too annoyed about it breaking. Just concerned the new one will break even sooner! Going into Apple shortly so will see what they say.

I've also already opened the case on the adapter to fix it before. So any apple repair will be out of the question! This time it isn't fixable though myself.

Any ideas how long the guarantee would be on a new adapter? I'm guessing 12 months from Apple?

And 'nj23', why won't they replace your one? I'd definitely complain!
Quick question, are there genuine ones for less than £65 anywhere on the Internet? Some say genuine but actually aren't which is frustrating. Just going to Apple now as I happened to be going into Reading this evening. Just wanted to make sure £65 isn't massively overpriced?
Got it from Apple. After seeing that other adapters for different laptops are more or about the same, I thought I'd just go for official Apple. Third Party could be ok, but would rather know what I'm paying for in terms of reliability and having a guarantee!
Hi BenRFC,

Sorry been away.

I will just say this, they are not worth £65 at all. I have been using apple products for 18 years and with these adaptors they are designed to look good but not stand up to task for long.

Just be careful when using it to charge your book and moving around even a little as the rubber used wears away with the inner core wires causing it to bubble and eventually split the casing from the inside... apple will tell you its wear caused by owner misuse :facepalm:
I think it does come down to how you keep them too mind you. 3 family members have had MacBooks for a good few years and none of us have needed a new adapter.

In fact my Father and Brother have perfect condition original polycarbonate MacBooks without a single crack to the casing. That's caused by not showing it due care and attention too. It's not from underuse either!
Like I said I have been using apple macs for over 18 years now (I bought my first product 5300 and it and the adaptor still work mate) I have had too many products than i'd care to name hear and all but a ipod photo still work apart from 2 iPod cables and these 2 latests adaptors all the work... or at least did when I gave them away to family and friends lol

I currently have a third adaptor I bought separately in between the first and second replacement and it still is going strong no cracked casing etc Just be careful with them was my suggestion... again apple gave way to a class action suit in favour of all it's customers who had the same issue first the model just before the current...
Sorry if that made little sense in places, but i'm tired and off to my bed lol

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