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MacBook crashed, can't now open anything


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I know that this should go into the Apple Mac forum, but I am only armed with the AVF app on my trusty iPhone at the mo and ironically it doesn't like to create a new post there :suicide:

My evening's been ruined by my 2007 MacBook playing up. I was cleaning it up in the usual way, went to remove some duplicated and erroneous fonts through Font Book (which also removed Arial for some reason) and all was well.

Whilst then browsing on Safari to quickly download the font again, Font Book crashed, the beach ball appeared and I thought Force Quit would close it. However, it would not and then the whole OS just ground to a halt.

I restarted and logged in as usual, but then noticed that the battery icon in the menu bar was missing. Nothing too drastic I thought, but then I tried to open Safari once again, only to see the icon bounce and bounce and bounce in the Dock without opening. I cannot click on anything - menus, applications or folders - after restarting.

I have run Disk Utility from my Snow Leopard OS X disk, and found one warning: SUID file "System/Library/CoreServices/RemoteManagement/ARDAgent.app/Contents/MacOS/ARDAgent" has been modified and will not be repaired. On further Googling I have found that this shouldn't affect the startup and access to applications at all.

I installed a couple of new 1GB SODIMM RAM modules from Crucial a couple of weeks ago, and has been running fine ever since, so I don't think it's that either.

Would any kind soul be able to point me in the right direction at all, or is this going to end up with reinstalling OS X again from an external hard drive?

Now off to bed but will pick up any replies in the morning. Thanks in advance.



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Oops, forgot to say I'm running Snow Leopard (whatever the most recent update is on 10.6) with a WD 320GB HDD and 2GB RAM. MacBook is 2007 White model.


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I tidied up the fonts that had errors in Font Book (indicated by a yellow triangle) and obviously then OS X seemingly didn't like something that had been removed. I've just reinstalled all fonts from my Snow Leopard OS X disc using Pacifist to look into the package contents of the disc and everything is fine now.

Didn't realise Font Book could be so powerful...

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