MacBook 2007 value?

My friend is selling a MacBook 13 inch 2007 model in white.

I'm just wondering how much it's worth. I went on mac2sell and it said £130 but that doesn't seem right.

I wanna buy it but want to make sure we both get a fair price


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Is there any more details on this MacBook? Sounds like a 1.83GHz CoreDuo with 512MB, which will be limited in terms of latest OS support.
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yes, more details, as 2007 also saw the mid 07 model that had the 2.0GHZ core2duo model
I think it has 1gb ram but unsure of any other specs at the moment. Is £300 too much? I'm thinking I could buy a better spec laptop for same money and id only be paying for the apple brand.


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Get hold of the full specs first


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I just sold a late 2007 model with 2GB ram to a work colleague for £300, but that was slightly on the low side as we agreed a quick sale and I avoided the hassle of eBay and Pre-Christmas couriers that way.

This one was mint condition too in fairness with none of the usual cracks on the casing anywhere.

If its in good condition then personally I would think just short of £300 would be fair?

As long as your both happy with the price, then it doesn't matter what you agree in reality. Not good to pay them £130 IMHO.

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