Mac Pro output of Dolby 5.1 is stereo


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I'll try and be brief:

Problem - when playing avi's with dd 5.1 through VLC it doesn't register as DD on my yamaha dsp amp and only comes out as stereo. (PS3 Plays 5.1 avi's fine through it). I f i try QT player it just gives me a shrill noise.

I am outputting from a mac pro 1,1, OS X lion 10.7.4 using an optical cable. I have downloaded Perian (but not sure what settings should be)

I have turned on optical out in preferences. I have gone to MIDI settings and made sure it's all singing. I went into VLC player settings and for audio I chose 'optical out (encoded)' but that just threw up an error, so i had to revert to 'optical out' which just plays stereo and my amp says 'pro-logic', not DD 5.1.

i even followed a set-up online but it still doesn't work.

Any help really appreciated


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Try XBMC then go to System->Settings->System->Audio Output

Change the audio output to optical/coax, then tick the box for you have a Dolby AC3 receiver.

Now go back to the main screen and go to videos and add a video source such as the one holding all your media.


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Thanks for reply. :smashin:

Weirdly enough I tried XBMC, went to audi, chose optical (I couldn't see the ac3 receiver tick box - maybe not in Lion). XBMC wouldn't play my test file in surround. But I went into QT 7 and it played full 5.1!
maybe XBMC changed some settings. I believe OS X Lion is a bit buggy with DD surround.


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