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I tired and failed to get open office on a MAC mini (G4 i think) WHat other software packages ae available as i would like to be able to use it for than just we browsing also are their any good guides to using MAC its OSX something or other. Just on how to store access documents etc I dont really want to pay for software as i have a fully paid up XP machine


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you said you had probs with open office,

how about neo office???

I would also like to recommend iWork, its RRP is £55,

But I'm sure I've seen it for under £40 at


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I tired and failed to get open office on a MAC mini (G4 i think)

That's probably because OpenOffice uses the X.11 window system and if you don't have it installed...

Don't despair drag any installed OO app to the Trash and download
NeoOffice which uses native OS X windowing. Its a special port of the OO suite. NB there are monthly updates to NeoOffice that are well worth installing.

If you really want X.11 you'll find it on the original install discs AFAIK, but why bother?


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iWork 08 is available from for £44.99 with free delivery.

Although there are only three applications in it (Pages, Keynote and Numbers), they are all pretty excellent.


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I tried the X.11 install but it didnt seem to help I would also like some decent photo softwre as i want the Mini to be used a photo, music, video store. BBC iplayer through it is excellent pity the other networks 4OD and Five etc arent MAC compatible. BAsically any decent software for MAC please post here (with links please) Especially if its freeware.


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I'd definitely recommend iWork :)

For home and light-office work, it's spot on and you don't have to faff around with any other background software, it integrates nicely in true Mac fashion and it's a very easy suite to use.


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Thanks guys I think I will try neo office first some really good bits for apps here hopefully can start making better use of the mini...

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Don't forget that if you are a student or parent or somehow related to education that you can get MacOffice 2008 for only £35 on the current software4students scheme...Very good deal for the ultimate compatibility...

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