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looking to replace my old pc with a mac mini, I cant afford the new M1 variant so looking at the 2nd hand market.

Ive used iphones but not a mac.

is there a typical recommended mac mini to go for i.e specific year, model, spec, ideally SSD is the way etc....main use is web browsing via chrome, a few tabs at a time, emails, office. Some resource hungry stock trading apps etc..

can any monitors be connected to them?



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How far off are you from the M1?
The M1 is a such a huge step up from the last intel Mac mini that if you can get it it will last you a very long time.
If you can’t get one then look for a Fusion drive or SSD if possible and as new as you can afford.
But... get the M1 😁


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ok thanks, how things changed!
managed to pick up a desktop pc off the classified forum for £140 to tidy me over.

Lenovo v520 desktop
i5 7400
8gb ram
500gb ssd
Windows 10 pro

save me the new learning curve of a new operating system etc


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save me the new learning curve of a new operating system etc
I said the same years ago due to Windows being so popular and affordable. But as my horizons broadened, I settled on an Apple Mac for personal use and a Windows PC for work.

My original Mac was a late-2013 version but wasn't able to update to Big Sur recently due to no further support for the 2013 model (and patches didn't fill me with enthusiasm). Fine. God's way of telling me to upgrade.

So I purchased the latest Mac Mini M1 (16GB of unified memory) and a LG 27MD5KL-B monitor.

If you change you mind on moving to a Mac then it's worth using the saved searches function on eBay to alert you to new listings. Also, lookout for listings that end at odd times, as UK auctions that end at 11pm on a weeknight don't attract quite the same attention as those that end at 8pm on a Saturday evening, for instance.

Finally, be patient in your pursuit if you are intent on being the Mac Daddy.


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I had same dilemma as you recently but my reason for mac was I just never had one, wanted to settle for 2nd hand intel machine but soon realised it could be waste of money due to apple moving to own hardware so I made decision to go with M1, there are some popping up for sale occasionally on 2nd hand markets but the 8gb ram 256ssd can be bought for £629 from, yeah I know is not from apple but is nice little saving. Looking around on reviews ect is plenty for general user and light video/ photo edits ect.

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