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Hi hope someone can help and apologies if I have put this question in the wrong sub-forum.

Im not the most savvy person when it comes to networks so I would be grateful for any help.

I have a new Mac Mini Server [2012] arriving and I need to set up the server.

But before I get onto that I need to find out If I am doing with regard to setting up the broadband/network/wireless is correct.

The Mini is 802.11N enabled so I will be purchasing a Bearextender Turbo to take the Mini to the 802.11ac standard. Now I would like to add the Airport Extreme 802.11ac to take care of my wireless and server needs.

However as my broadband is adsl2+ do I need a separate router [I was looking at the d-link Ac1750] that I need to 'bridge' with my Airport. Or will the airport extreme suffice.

Hope this makes sense

And I would appreciate any help.


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You do not need anything other than the Airport.

Plug in the Airport Extreme to power (no other connections)
Login to Airport Utility and the UI varies depending on the utility windows, ios and osx ones are all slightly different.

For example on iOS or OSX
Go to Advanced\DHCP and NAT\Router Mode = Off (bridge mode)
Go to Advanced\Wi-Fi Settings and create a new wireless network

For Windows
Go to manual setup
Go to Internet\Internet Connection\Connecting Sharing = Off (Bridge mode)
Go to Airport\Wireless and create a new wireless network

Once you apply the changes to the Airport you can then plug it into the existing broadband router via ethernet without needing to make any further changes, the Mac Mini can connect to the 802.11ac wireless generated by the Airport Extreme and you will receive Internet via the existing broadband router.


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Personally, I wouldn't use wi-fi to connect a server to your network infrastructure unless there was no other alternative. Gigabit ethenet would be preferable.

Wi-fi is fundamentally an only-one-thing-at-a-tme-can-transmit technology (it works like walkie-talkies.) Each data packet traveling to/from your wi-fi connected server to/from a wi-fi connected client has to travel over the wi-fi airwaves twice - once to/from server-AP and again to/from AP-client. These transmissions (and all other wi-fi transmission) cannot occur at the same time, so the throughput ("speed") will be halved.

For this reason, I think it's better to cable servers (which generally don't move) using (much more efficient and faster) ethernet and leave as much wi-fi "air-time" as possible for the devices that really benefit from, ie' all your hand held and mobile stuff.

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