Mac Mini? Powerful enough to be a HD media player?

Stevie G

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Not sure if this is in the right forum, but here goes......!

I want to get something that will connect to my 42" plasma by HDMI, play downloaded TV programs, upscale DVD's, play HD mpeg4 (H.264, etc).

I'm really drawn to the Mac mini as it'll let me connect to my plasma by HDMI, playback Divx/Xvid, etc and allow me to centralise my iTunes library to play through my main stereo. It'll also let me access the internet on my main telly when I want to, etc.

The main concerns are:
- will it have the grunt to play back HD content? Such as H264, ripped HD DVD content (from my own disks, in case anyone tries going off topic!)?
- will it show properly on my Panasonic PX60 plasma with the correct ratio?
- does the mini upscale DVD's and play them back to the correct resolution?

In theory it looks like the perfect HD media player, but I want to be sure before I spend so much (compared to other standalone but less flexible media players). I've had a search, but can't really find anything that actually reviews it in detail! They jsut seem to compare to Windows Mmedia Players or iTV!



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The mac forum is a good place to look too mate. Loads of enthusiastic people who are happy to help.

This thread looks like it could be of some use to you:

and this one:

Looking at your questions, as far as I know it should fit your requirements on all counts bar the upscaling. But I do not have a Mac Mini, so may be best to ask in one of the above threads.

Hope I've been of some help.



The only thing I would be concerned is HD storage, although if you have a server/nas elseware not a problem.


Which are louder than a delta fan. Which kinda ruins the reasons for a mac mini (quietness) If I left my USB enclosures on watching a film the buzzing would do my head in.

So you need to factor in NAS/server cost going down mac mini route as the 2.5" isn't enough for masses of audio/video files. Unless you can buy totally silent usb enclosures.

Stevie G

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I've got one which is pretty quiet and powers up/down when needed, plus my home is networked via homeplug, and I use my main PC in a spare room as the server, which has loads of storage.

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