Mac Mini M1 KVM and USB volume control won't work


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I have a PC work computer and a Mac Mini M1 for photo editing. I'm also using a SteelSeries Apex keyboard with volume control. My KVM switch uses USB audio from both the PC and Mac to go to a little amp.... I am able to control volume on my PC, but NOT on my Mac. Really strange how one works and the other does not.

I understand that USB is a digital source, but why does it work on the PC?

Lastly, I heard that SoundFlower could fix this on the Mac but it's not available on the M1. Any suggestions?


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Assuming you're just talking about the keyboard volume control and can control the volume through the Mac OS interface...

It's likely Mac OS just doesn't recognise those button codes as corresponding to volume controls and ignores them. If you attach the keyboard directly to the Apple PC then do you see the same behaviour?

If so you'd be looking for a utility to rebind keyboard buttons. I don't use Mac OS so I can't recommend anything, but there's likely something out there.


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When connecting the keyboard directly, it recognizes the volume button but will not adjust volume because it's using USB audio output which is digital. However, the PC DOES adjust the USB volume.

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