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Hi all,
I have just bought a Mac Mini M1 (16 gigs of RAM, 256 gigs drive, Monterey OS) and I am still getting used to it (Windows user till now).
Other than the usual stuff of browsing and watching some YouTube, I want to set my Mac Mini as a server for sharing the stuff on my external HDDs (mainly 4K movies and videos) which are currently all formatted in NTFS. I have an OPPO UDP-203 player and I want to create a well working server around the Mac Mini which can handle streaming in 4K.
I have attached my external HDDs to the Mac Mini and I have set up file sharing, SMB activated. My Oppo player „sees“ the smb server, but when I try to log in, I get a error message that my credentials are not correct. Here is my first question - which credentials do I have to use here? My credentials for the Mac account? Full name and password or Username and password, or something else? How can I check the credentials?
My other main question is how to set up NFS server on the Mac Mini? As far as I know, NFS is more stable and can allow better connectivity and speeds, so I want to set it up if possible. I have found an app - NFS Manager, but when I try to mount the external HDDs to the NFS server, I get some strange errors that this is not possible.

I will appreciate all answers and suggestions.


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I would thoroughly recommend Plex media server for managing sharing your movies etc

Now you mention your hard drives are NTFS. Be aware this is a Microsoft file system and the Mac can natively read these drives. But not write to them.
You can get third party software to be able to write to NTFS drives (Paragon NTFS is one such program).

As for username and password. This is your local Mac username and password (the password you use to login and also to install apps, updates etc). You can confirm your account by going to System Preferences, then Users & Groups. If you see your username in the Firstname Surname format, then when asked for credentials on the Oppo etc. remove the space - firstnamesurname

I would also recommend looking into a NAS ,if you have budget for it. QNAP and Synology both great options.

Hope that helps


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One important thing to mention is that I have full blu ray disc rips on my HDDs and Plex will not be helpful in this case. Thanks for your answer. I will definitely consider a a NAS solution.

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