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Discussion in 'Apple Forum' started by Jytees, Feb 4, 2014.

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    I have a Macbook Pro A1260 (2008) which has a weird display problem. It looks almost like there's interference, kind of like a tv that's not tuned in properly. I suspected it was a problem with the graphics but when I plug a monitor into it through the DVI port the display is crystal clear.

    That led me to believe there was a problem with the display itself so I ordered a replacement. When I plugged in the replacement I get the chime, the back-light comes on but no display at all. I though it was possibly a faulty screen so requested a replacement. Exactly the same! I then wondered if maybe the supplier was sending the wrong part so I used a different supplier. Same again, back-light on but no display!

    Can anyone explain why the replacement screens don't display the same problem as the original one, which incidentally still comes on with exactly the same problem? I did wonder if the LCD cable was faulty but if it was that, then surely I'd get the same result on the replacement screens.


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