Mac Based Media Library - 10 year reboot!


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I really need your help
My media library needs modernising and I need your suggestion,

My old system comprises of the following;
2008 Drobo v2 4-bay DAS (4x1TB WD Black) connected by FireWire 800 to a 2010 iMac.
This serves two 4th gen Apple TV’s that feed into Yamaha AV receivers, he Apple Homepod
and an Apple Airport Express in the kitchen that feeds a Topping stereo amp.
Since i got the Drobo in 2008, it’s been rock solid, and when I had a drive fail, and swapped
it out, it rebuilt itself just as it should.

so it’s time to retire the Drobo and the iMac who’ve got 23 years between them!

so my new system comprises a Mac Mini, and I have two 20TB dual bay WD usb-c drives.
(also got an 8TB WD single drive usb-3 available if needed)
I know Plex is an option, but I’d rather keep it simple and if possible keep all of my media
accessible via the same app on the Apple TV’s

What would you do?
Am I nuts to want to use the iTunes replacement of Apple TV/Apple Music?
I’d like to avoid the cost of buying a NAS (the Mac Mini is on 24/7 anyway)
Thanks in advance everybody!


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If Mac is always on then you dont need NAS.

There are three main media servers
Plex and Emby do pretty much the same thing, both have subscriptions plans for features beyond the basics.

Jellyfin is completely free but has fewer client apps overall and is not as old as the other two.

The ATV has
* Emby and Plex client apps, these use the internal ATV video player so for unsupported video the server converts the video in real time.

* InFuse this is a media player that runs on the ATV, it uses its own media player not the built in system one, so it can play a much larger range of media, it can also connect to Jellyfin, Emby and Plex media servers.

* MrMC does exactly the same thing as InFuse but can change it UI via skins and has some more features than InFuse.

I would recommend Jellyfin and InFuse if you want an Apple like UI, the only cost is the price of InFuse Pro for each of the ATV's.

You can also get InFuse for OSX so you will have the same app across all devices with same library.


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Thanks for the info - I’ll investigate your recommendations

is it possible to put movie purchases from Apple into the media library?
At the moment it puts it into the destination in ‘preferences‘ for iTunes.
I was thinking I’d cease using iTunes and use one of your suggestions.
I’d like to avoid using ‘movies’ on Apple TV for my Apple purchased content
and then Plex/Emmy/Jellyfin for my media library.

Really sorry if I’m not making myself clear…

is anyone in here still using iTunes/Apple TV/Apple Music?
(I don’t need any transcoding functionality)



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Apple movie purchases are always confined to Apple's own system. Nothing can access them

You can insert your media into iTunes, I recall many years ago tools which automated some of this process but of course the big downside was this needed iTunes acting as media server which is not designed for this.

What I do is keep the movies I really want on the server using Jellyfin/Infuse then for things which I don't really care about too much taking up space on the server exist only as a purchase on Apples own movie app.


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Thanks so much for explaining
so I need to have a long hard think as to whether to live with two libraries
or lob it all into whatever they’ve replaced iTunes with.
Also I’m not an Apple Music subscriber, but I am an iTunes Match subscriber
so I think I might be edging in that direction…


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