Mac And Me !

My bf has been making me watch his childhood films in order to educate me on films that i may have missed out on eg. Flight of the Navigator, Stand by Me, Watership Down.
I have finally found one film out of mine he hasnt seen " MAC AND ME".
He has read up on it and decided that hes having none of that !
Can anybody remember this film and is it really as bad as what most of the internet says it is as i remember it as being great.


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I think your bf is right. I was only young but I still miss the part of my soul that that movie destroyed. However, watching such bad movies will just make you appreciate good ones all the more.

Solomon Grundy

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it was ok...I also enjoyed D.A.R.Y.L. when I was a kid...


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That's the one aboutt he aliens drink coke from straws or something isn't it. I remember it being ok. But then I was 10 when I watched it. Lost Boys has that feeling for me. First Horror movie I ever saw. I think I was 12. Whenever I hear the song Jamie's sister I get warm and fuzzy all over. I guess that's where my vampire obsession started...


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I watched it, but can't recall exactly what it was about other than an Alien, and at some point it got sucked into a vaccum cleaner?!?

I must get Flight of the Navigator to show to my lad, he liked Batteries Not Included :D


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my brother was talking about this the other day.

i cant really rember it all that well but i seem to remeber it being like a cheap E.T but still quite good from what i can remeber.


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Do yourself a favour. If you ever move in with this guy put your name inside all you dvds, cds, books etc - and make sure he does the same. I mean who would want to end up argiung over who gets to keep Watership Down:suicide:


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I agree with the above coments.....I to watched this when I was 10 and enjoyed it back then, but to have to watch it today.....I think not.

What about "The Last Starfighter"


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Wasn't this panned by the critics for being the worst product placement film at the time (basically a 2 hour Advert) :nono:

Not seen "The Last Starfighter" ,but i will look out for it.

Much better - the 1st pre-recorded VHS stereo film I ever bought for my original HC I set up almost 20 years ago:smashin:

Fen Star

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What about "The Last Starfighter"

Now that my friend is an awsome film.....

""Greetings Starfighter"....""You have been recruited by the Star league to defend the frontier against Zur and the Kodan armada""

How i remember that after all these years is beyond me.....:rotfl:

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