MA RS6AV bi-wire, bi-amp or 6.1ex?


As the title suggests.

Im in the process of placing cables into walls.

I have placed both my RSFX's at angles in the corners of my homecinema/lounge.

I have bought sufficient cable to allow me to bi-wire my fronts (through Arcam 350:smashin: ).
I'm now wondering whether to go 6.1 or 7.1.. In which case i wouldnt be able to bi-wire the fronts but will compensate with an extra rear(s).

The thought of 6.1/7.1 gets me excited. I know the Arcam 350 is 7.1 however will it do 6.1 as an alternative? silly q i know.

I am minded to get another couple of RSFX's or BRONZE FX's to use as 6th and/or 7th channel. 6 appeals moreso since it won't over power the lounge me thinks.

Advice required from you seasoned professionals... once u sober up after the xmas pi** up of course ;-)


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well, i'm definitely not sober (800ml Gin, 1 litre approx of wine/champagne and a few large sherries) but i'd say make provision for the wiring.....then once its in place use shop demo speakers to try out whether you like the extra speaker/s or not :)

i'm sure i've mentioned this before...heh

wait for other advice tho ;)


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Stone cold sober ...... Unfortunately :(

Leave it as 5.1 and use channels 6 & 7 of the 350 to bi-amp your RS6's.
MA's thrive on bi-amping :smashin:

If/when I go down the 6.1 7.1 route (the 350 can do either) will be looking at getting a P90/3 so I can still bi-amp my fronts.

All IMHO of course.

Merry New Christmas.


Silly question but by bi-amping would it give extra boost to the bass channels? I haven't got a sub yet as i'm low on funds.. relying on my rs6s to pump out enough bass (room is 3.5m x 5m). I guess bi-amp would allow for more drive? This will all be connected up via an Arcam AVR350

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