MA RS6 speakers - Blowin' my budget


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Just like I always do I am steadily increasing my budget (budget pah! thats a laugh). I started off looking at a set of 'run-out' Kef Q4 floor standers with other kef's for a surround system, today had a listen to some Monitor Audio RS1 speakers, then straight after the Q4's. The RS1's sound so much crisper to me.

I am now sitting here working out a MA system of

RS6 Fronts
RSlcr Centre
Rsfx Rears

and then maybe a REL Q150E SUB.

The thing is I am now wondering whether my AMP of choice would be a 'weak link' in the system. My electronics are probably going to be -

Yamaha DSP-757se Surround amp (or maybe the Denon 2106)
Denon 1920 DVD Player.

What does this look like as a system - I am after nice stereo, but also the movie effect.

DOes anyone know if any dealers discount MA speakers, or am I more likely to get Speaker/AV cables thrown in.

Lastly - Should I definitely BI-WIRE the fronts. I was told today at a shop that they would not necessarily recommend it, but was that because he was discussing giving me free cable. :rolleyes:

Sorry for all the questions, but any help/advice much appreciated.



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ok, pop to a local sevenoaks and buy the speakers you are suggesting (altho move up to the Q200E or a Strata 5 on the sub, no joke, those RS6's will overpower a 150 even if they dont hit its depth, it will give out at volume levels before the RS6's do) and get a 2805 (or 2806) amp at minimum, those speakers are quite hungry on power and because they have such wonderful control its seriously worth feeding them to both get better sound and to make sure you are not underfeeding them (worse than overfeeding) power.

obviously thats going to destroy your budget...heh, but the good news is, buying it all at once you can put down as much as possible on deposit then pay the rest off in 12 months interest free :)
and the plus side is you can haggle to get a load of cable chucked in free, i would recommend using Monitor Audio's own silver cable to biwire the RS6's and the centre speaker, but for the rears its up to you, use MA's silver cable in single wire or use another cheaper wire, but if you getting it chucked in free stick with the inhouse stuff.........altho because its £5/m single or £10/m biwire they might only agree to chuck in the front 3 speakes wire, but hey, depending on how much you need that could be saving you up to £
also try and get a sub phono cable chucked in, and definitley hi level the sub to the amp with a neutrik cable (again try and get it free...heh).

for DVD player given how close HD players are to coming out then the 1920 will be fine i would imagine......unless you dont plan on going HD for a while....then you could get a better DVD player, but only if your planning on using a very large display or a projector.....otherwise its not a lot of point....

btw, so ya know im talking from some experience with what you are looking at (altho dont assume what i like/do is suitable for you, just happy to give my opinion), my system comprises of a 3910, 3803, MA Silver S6, SLCR, SFX sides, S2 rears, REL Strata 5, Infocus 7205 Projector and a PC thats used as HD HTPC sometimes. (MA Silver Pureflow speaker cable all round, QED digi coax 5m for low level to sub, neutrik hi level, Wireworld Chroma 5 stereo RCA x 3 for DVD-A/SACD, Cambridge Audio Pacific digi coax for DVD-Amp, Wireworld Chroma 5 Component DVD-Amp-Projector) and it all sounds and looks melon farming great!...heh (mebbe some things coulda been done cheaper, i dont care, im happy, its paid for, so yeeeehaaaww!)

(oh and a £300 philips 28in widescreen, my weakest


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Many thanks for the detailed reply - She is going to bl**dy kill me :D

Now a bigger, better - more expensive amp lol

I have my 37 inch LCD arriving on Saturday - so am itching to get the sounds sorted.



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heh......being honest i'd plump for the 3805 or 3806 if you can stretch, but the 2805 will do you ok.....

on the DVD player front, if you wanna splash out get the 3910, i love mine :)

oh and use your LCD for TV......go get yourself a projector and ~100in screen for films..heh.....

sorry, i'll stop now....*grins*
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