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Hi everyone,

The tweeter on my GR10s just blew after they were knocked off thier stands -- any ideas about how expensive a repair this is likely to be ?

I got the speakers 2nd hand; so no warranty AFAIK. Do things like this pop up on the forums/fleabay, or is my best bet just to call up MA for a replacement driver ?

Thanks !!


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I would speak to you local dealer who will be able to order one for you and fir it too. I would expect the cost to be around £40-50.


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aye, get a dealer to do it, saves a lot of hassle and potential problems..

i very much doubt you'll see GR10's on ebay for less than £100.......

and such lovely speakers, i just rehooked mine back up at last in my bedroom to my A5 and 3910.....awwwwww......Fatboy Slim never sounded so good!


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Ended up calling MA directly; (who were extremely helpful BTW) who figured it said it was extremely easy to swap around the tweeter. Two days later it was delivered and I installed it last night in about 5 minutes. They even threw in an extra screen guard for my other tweeter so hopefully I can prevent this happening again !

Not cheap at 105+VAT; but quick, easy and worth it now that my babies are up and running again !!
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