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Mar 11, 2003
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Ello all

Does anyone have pics or a webpage showing the different finishes that Monitor Audio have?

I've only ever seen "Rose Nut" and I would like to see what the oak and cherry finishes look like.

Any pics etc would be very helpfull.

Cheers, I hadnt seen that particular page but something similar. Ideally Id like a good sized photo showing the finishes.

If anyone out there would like to snap a few pics or stumbles accross a few, please post them here.
Hey, the pics aren't very big, but here's a thread of mine and at least the colour is about accurate from photo to real life for my oak finish rs1's.

I often find the official photo's etc don't show the right hue. The light oak is in fact not orange at all, but very pale beige. I was going t go for the Rosenut, but the light oak I was impressed with despite not looking that nice on photos on the web.

If you want a giggle use bablefish to translate the page into English, literal translations of "HiFi" speak are ace lol

"the box absolutely dwelling compatible and belonged not to the sort loudspeaker, at whose sight the wife threatens immediately with divorce"
phils_wicked said:
"the box absolutely dwelling compatible and belonged not to the sort loudspeaker, at whose sight the wife threatens immediately with divorce"

:rotfl: :rotfl:
Rosenut? they switched from Rosemah then?....shame, i like the Rosemah finish of my Silver S series...heh
ive got an ma leaflet that shows all the finishes, there's little between the wallnut and rosemah in the leaflet but side by side in the shop you can see there's much more difference.
I think I prefer the cherry, not found a good pic yet. If anyone has or finds one, please post me the link!

Need to get my car off my dad and go to a shop sometime later this week if i can.

Cheers all
all i can say, if you have an applewhite room decor, the rosemah finish worked beautifully....but that was on the Silver S6's.......not sure how the new Silver RS would work...different driver jewellery may not pull it off so well......
Can I just point out that you haven't actually mentioned which range from Monitor Audio you are interested in. The quality and colour of the veneers varies quite a lot between the different ranges.

If you want a look at the finishes then go and visit a dealer, most dealers make a point of having most finishes on display.
Dynaudio Desire said:
Thats finish is Oak! :thumbsup:

No it is not, that finish is the RS Series Cherry Finish. DD please do not comment on things if you do not know what you are talking about.
Also worth noting that the Oak veneer is very easily colourmatched with Ikea's oak furniture, essential for WAF :smashin:

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