MA Bronze BX2 vs Q-Acoustic 2020i


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Hi All,

I've just purchased a Marantz NR1501 amp from the best buy sale; ideal really as I needed something slimline, and was lusting after the latest Marantz model, but couldn't really justify it - got hold of this one for £190.

Anyway, now looking at speakers for it. I'll be building a set piece by piece. I currently have an ancient set of Wharfdale 308s hooked up (25+ years) which sound surprisingly good, but given I need the EQ set to +8 Treble -8 Bass to balance them out I figure they're not the best match!

My requirements are such:

- Need to build the system piece by piece
- Requirements are weighted towards Music First, Then TV Audio, then Movies; I'm not a massive movie watcher, but it'd be nice to have surround sound at some point so I can if I choose to do so.
- Small Living Room approx 5ft between screen and sofa. Straight On. Modern Flat so acoustics are OK. Don't want to deafen the neighbours though so not too bothered about a sub or anything.
- Don't really want anything massive.

So, currently examining two options - Monitor Audio Bronze BX2s and Q Acoustic 2020is as the first purchase.

Can anyone comment as to the suitability of these two as fronts for the aforementioned requirements? Would they make a good match for the amp? Anything else I should be aware of/considering?

Thanks for any thoughts!


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The BX2 are going to have better bass than the 2020, a simply look at the specs will tell you that. Also, look at the size of the bass driver.

While the Q Acoustic 2020 are decent for music, I don't think they equal the BX2.

The 2020 feature a low end of 62hz and a 125mm bass driver.

The BX2 feature a low end of a easy 45hz and a 165mm bass driver.

If this is anything of a music system, then the BX. But if this is primarily a movie system, the Q-A 2020 will do a very good job of it, and a decent job for casual music listening. So, it is down to your priorities.



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Thanks Steve, I thought as much!

Given the extra cost of the whole Mission System, what is the impact of not having all same make speakers? E.g. Q acoustic at the back, with the BX2s up front? Is that a massively bad idea? Figure that spending the extra on Front left/right channels is worth it for the music, but I'm sorta balking at the idea of the system eventually costing me £1k!


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They key is that the front three speakers be of the same brand and series. The sub can be anything that is adequate to the job, the brand doesn't matter that much. The rear, while it is nice if they are brand and series matched, they are less critical, and could be either smaller from the same line, spare speakers you have laying around, or from a different brand.

However, BX1 in the rear and BX2 plus the BX center in the front would be a worthy system. As to a Sub, you are free to get anything within your working budget, but most feel BK Electronics Subs are high value and good quality -

BK Electronics - Subwoofers

The Monitor Audio BX1 are about £200/pr, the Q Acoustic 2010 are about £110 to £120/pr, and the Q Acoustic 2020 are about £130 to £140/pr. The Q Acoustic are good speakers, but they are better for Surrround Sound than music. So, BX2 in front and Q-A 2010 or 2020 in the rear is a workable solution.

So, let's lay it all out using typical prices -

£249/pr = Monitor Audio BX1
£150/ea = Monitor Audio BX Center
£399 = Total

£_99/pr = Q Acoustic 2010
£119/pr = Q Acoustic 2010i

£159/pr = Q Acoustic 2020
£159/pr = Q Acoustic 2020i

£215/ea = BK Gemini-II Sub
£315/ea = BK XLS200 Sub
£401/ea = BK XLS300 Sub

Taking the front end, and creating a minimum cost 5.1 system we have -

£399 = MA front/center
£_99 = Q-A 2010 rear
£215 = BK Gemini-II Sub
£713 = Total

With improved Rear and Sub -

£399 = MA Front/Center
£159 = Q-A 2020i Rear
£315 = BK XLS200 Sub
£873 = Total

And of course, you can move higher than that if you have the budget.



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Wow thanks!

Only follow up question I have; is a sub particularly useful or music? Or more of a film thing?


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You can use a SUb for music and it is much easier to control and blend in using a Surround Sound amp than it is using a stereo system. But, how well it works hinges on how well you have blended the sub. If you have a bass dominant setting on the Sub, then you get bass heavy music. Most would say that the best way to use a Sub it to blend it seamlessly into the system. If you can specifically hear the Sub, you've done it wrong.

But, there is an element of personal taste involved. People who are into intense Club/Dance music probably want and like heavy bass. Those more into general music a fidelity are probably looking for more balance.

When you play music with a AV system, you have several options, you can play in Pure Direct mode which is 2.0, or you can play music in 2.1 with the sub, or you can allow the amp to play the music in a simulated 5.1 channel surround sound. Which you do, is down to which mode you like.

For films, especially action films, the Subwoofer is a real plus. While you can get by without one, most feel once you have a Sub, you will never go back to not having one. But again, that is for movies. For music, yes, you can use the Sub, you don't have to, but you can. It is your choice.



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Hi Bluewizard,

Just wanted to let you know I went to Sevenoaks Sound & Vision in Kingston, and picked up a set of MA Bronze BX2's for £225

They sound great! Very pleased with them so far and I imagine they are still burning in a bit (as is the amp!).

Not sure what to do about surround as of yet! Need to decide if BX1s would really be worth it over some small satellite speakers. In the mean time I'm working on using some old Audica speakers I had lying around as Satellites - to save some money, plus they look nice!

Cheers for all your help and advice, was most useful in making a decision!
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