m72i's small or LARGE?


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got a yammy rv630 with mains-m72, centre m2m2, surrounds m7ds using a yammy sw305 sub.

would you recommend the m72's set as large and to accept the lfe along with the sub?

theya re rated as 53-20000hz 89db.

i ask this cos i seem to have a hole in the sound range. i watched 'the hulk' today and the bit at the end in the warehouse when hes talking to his dad, the hum of the generator in the background was faint when using the sub but much louder when using the mains for lfe??

(sorry for anyone who aint seen the hulk and wonders what im gabbling about)


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I use a M72 as a centre and it sounds better (in my system) set to large. Fronts are also set to large, but then I don't (can't) use a sub. I suspect your Yamaha sub doesn't plumb the lowest depths either, so some help with the fronts set to large is probably useful.


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Have a listen to various cofigurations and keep the one you prefer afterall it's you who'll be listening to it:)


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When people have asked this before, I believe the general answer has been that if you're using a sub, set the speakers to SMALL.

Try doing a search on "speaker large small" and you should see several relevant threads.


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