M&K Xenon lcr35 help



i've pretty much decided on these speakers. but i have a couple of questions.
they say 4 ohms(i think) i have a denon 3806, will this run 4 ohm speakers? if i need a new reciever/amp what will i need? the rears i've picked are the surround 25's. these are tri poles, how do i position tripoles in a 5.1 set up aas rears?


Ref to the question of the amp being capable of running the Xenons it should be fine at most levels but i would be cautious at running them too high, but a bigger more powerful amp would always be better and that applies to most speakers although M&K's are renowned for being a difficult load to drive.


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In answer to your other question you wont have any difficulty with placement of the tripoles. simply position them to where you think sounds best. Tripoles are much more flexible.

FYI - The LCR 36 and Surround36 (replacements for the 25's) are out now.


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For a sub sat solution, the Xenons are amongst the best. The amp should be fine and remember you'll be limiting the bass to the speakers to above 80Hz and it's bass frequencies lower than that where impedance can go all over the place.

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