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Just a quick question,
If i bought the M&K 750thxselect front LCR,would that be compatable in the future if i decided to buy s85's for the front and move the 750's to the back or do you think that the s85/750 mix would not match too well together???


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I can't answer from personal experience, but do remember a post from Uncle Eric, I think, that the S85s set to maximum output sound a bit like the 750s.

If you are talking about buying the 750s in the classifieds for £500, I would think at that price it would be well worth taking a chance.

uncle eric

Although the 750's have a bright character, this edge pretty much disappears if you have a fair amount of soft furnishing, sofa's, curtains etc. They have huge punch, are very dynamic and and offer a very strong performance. At £500 for three, this is a no brainer.
Thanks all but i know the merits of both the s85's and the 750 package,what im asking is would they work well together in the same system? Thanks again,

Matt F

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John, I would suggest you get the 750’s at that bargain price but stick with them up front and look to get the matching Surround 550 THX selects or the 55 tripoles (or a pair of each for 7.1).

I’m not sure there would be much benefit in trying to match them up with the S85s as you would probably have to use the “bright” setting on the S85s which most agree is not their best setting. You would also then have to install the 750’s at the rear and, although they are not huge, they are certainly bigger than the S85s and the Surround 550/55. Plus, what would you do with the 750 centre? You certainly wouldn’t want to use that in the front soundstage in between two S85’s – the only option would be to use it as a single surround rear speaker but, again, most would say you are better using two speakers here.

By the way, I used to own the 750s and I have used the S85s as well so I do speak from experience.

Thanks Mat, most helpfull.

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