M&K k series or B&W M1's or something else!


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Hi Guys,

looking for a bit of advice went to my local dealers in Swansea yesterday for a demo of some speakers im looking to put in my new home cinema room, the room is 17ft x 10ft and totally empty at the moment so i can do as i wish, got a nice meaty budget for the room.

anyhow so the nice chap demoed the following for me as a recommended package,
2 X M&K K5 as the front left and right
1 X M&K K7 Centre
4 X K4 surrounds
and a KX10 Sub.

really loved them, just before i go and put the cash down any other systems for about the same for 7.1 that i should be looking at also, can anyone recommend a dealer that might discount the M&K speakers a little, the price i was quoted was just the normal RRP for all the speakers.

also should i look at the B&W m1's too to be a similar sound!!!

im very confused, i do know i will be pretty much always using it for watching movies on and not for music!

help please!

The Gooner

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have you listened to M1s?

I would go what sounds best to you. Both speakers are superb although ive not heard the M&K but have heard all the good reports.

The M1s are very nice looking and crisp. I enjoy mine very much but it is a personel thing for speakers


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I have on home demo at the mo m&k XENON 36,s
And they sound the nuts..

Got them from Sevenoaks in reading !!!

worth trying to get them on home dem first and try them..

Peter Baker

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M&K are brilliant for HT. In particular the K4's are superb surrounds, giving great ambience and directionality. Whilst I have not hearrd the M1s, I have in the past found Mission speakers to be a bit dull in comparison. Of course the M&K's are a bit bright and need careful matching. If you want to use the kit for music as well, this could be a real problem, but for HT it will probably be fine


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I have had my set up of 3 M&K K5s at the front with 2 K4s for the rear surrounds, with a 10" velodyne sub for over a year now and Im still very impressed with them, especially for films and I would strongly recommend them. Have you AVsales in Kent, guy I dealt with was a guy called Hayes if I remember right, very helpful guy.


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I haven't herard the KX10 sub but the general concensus on M&K is that although their speakers cannot be faulted for HC use thier subs aren't as good value for money as something similiairly priced from the likes of BK or SVS.

Check out the Subwoofer forum for more info.

For a demo of M&K with SVS, Kent home Cinema is your best (only) bet, as mentioned above.

SVS are usually pretty big but the new SVS SB12 plus is expected to be an awsome little sub and I have no doubts it would annihilate the KX10 in a head-to-head. ...and if you take the forum powerbuy it is cheaper than the M&K too!


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Waplord said:
, can anyone recommend a dealer that might discount the M&K speakers a little, the price i was quoted was just the normal RRP for all the speakers

I would also take into account that they took the time to set up a demonstration for you. Your are likely to find products cheaper if you buy online, but you have to do without a demo and one-to-one advice. I would see if you can get some kind of deal on cabling and accessories you might need, that way you won't eat inot the dealer's profit and thus livelyhood too much.


Waplord said:
can anyone recommend a dealer that might discount the M&K speakers a little, the price i was quoted was just the normal RRP for all the speakers.
As Crustyloafer states, these guys did set the dem up for you and spend time with you, and i assume ran through why these speakers are as good as you're going to get for this amount of money. Sometimes it baffles me why people ask for a discount on speakers like these when they're blown away by them.....the Miller & Kreisel speakers (i've found stating M&K's full name appears on the AVF search engine, whereas M&K doesn't.....hmmmmm....) outperform more expensive hifi speakers when it comes to reproducing movie soundtracks.

Waplord said:
also should i look at the mission m1's too to be a similar sound!!

To add, the KX-10 sub is a cracking little sub, you won't find much the same size that will compete. If you can house a larger sub, you could try the KX-12....now that does kick ass! And makes the sats sound better :)


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just like to add to the comments of if you've demoed there, and you end wanting a product they stock, then buy there......once you commit its quite easy as you stand around waiting to process the order to ask if they wouldnt mind bunging in a bit of cable to soften the blow to your credit card....most dealers will say yes....

oh and this is from a person who is not retailer, i'm just a customer, but i appreciate the stuff the guys in the shops do (the good guys anyhow..lol) and have built up a very good relationship with my local 7oaks to the point i've done demos till 2am in the morning and have been given nice discounts on products, however i've done the decent thing and not abused their trust and decent conduct by buying my gear from them each time i've gone in and tried something........the first time i got some extra cable......each time after things got sweeter......but i didnt keep going back just for that.....i went back because i trust them and they trust me (didnt need to leave a deposit or anything to home demo a £1,000 stereo amp....now thats trust!)......so give them the respect they deserve and if you want a product they stock, buy it from them.....especially if it sounds amazing....

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