M & K 850 system advice?



Hello Everyone,

Just joined this forum. New to home theatre and would like some advice on the following :-

Considering purchasing the above speakers , auditioned them with the 650's as rears, is there a noticable difference with column surrounds? The room will be rectangular shaped with the large opening at the rear (no doors, Length 6m, width 4.4m, opening at rear 3m).

Unfortunately, the 750's are only available in Australia so I will have to purchase them direct from the US.

Also, will the Yahama Rx-v2400 be able to drive these speakers?

If not what would you recommend?

Any information would be much appreciated.


Ian J

I can't help you with your "rears" question but I use a pair of K4 on the side walls.

The Yamaha amp is THX Select 2 certified and should easily be able to drive M&K speakers


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Hi cadderley
The m&k column surrounds (i have heard them)are excellent and if you can afford them buy them they are far better than the m&k 650s.On the amp front my only concern would be that yamaha amps could clash with the 850s highs which can get harsh at very high volumes if not paired with the right electronics.The denon amps are being replaced by newer models and i would expect the replacement for the denon a11sr should soon be available which would match the m&ks well also look at Nad and Harman Kardon which i use myself which sounds excellent.
Cheers Gonzo.:)


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i third the column surrounds, i upgraded from ss150s and never looked back. just waiting for Rags to ad his reccomendation!


Thanks for the information, will do some research into the above amps, looks like I will go for the column surrounds. Trying to work out which is the best way of purchasing the speakers, get a friend to buy em and ship or try and purchase direct.

At this stage my purchase will probably be around July, if no unforseen expenses pop-up :)

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