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I have a set of M&K 750 speakers which are great. I have an option to buy a set of 850's which is tempting because they are light wood and will look better in the lounge. I like the M&K sound, but have not heard the 850s.

Are they alot better than the 750s? I presume they will suit my 55 tripole rears, which I love. Any comments on the 750 v 850 welcome.


The 55 surrounds are the ideal match for the 750's, especially lookswise, but they will match the 850's sonically as well.

If you think the treble of your 750's is a little too much, then i wouldn't recommend the 850's. If you think things are a little laid back and would like to inject more zing in your treble, go for them. They certainly do look better, and feel more substantial too due to the wood veneer.

One more thing, even though the 750's were THX Select aqnd had the badge to prove it, the 850's also reached the same specifications even though they never wore the badge, so you won't lose out in any respect.

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