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Due to unforseen circumstances whilst on an R63 mission
the loss of one of the team has been misslaid (yeh hed like to be laid that is )so can any one help? :confused:

There are other strange happenings like him dissappering off people friends lists !!:eek:
so if you see him on a street corner begging
or in a tube station with a Homeless plackard around his neck
or even he could be that person selling the big issue
Tell Captaineyecatch to go home his budgie is missing him :p

Loopy has been hold a prayer meeting for him on XBL Dash board
and has a candel lit for him until this lost sheep has rejoined the flock.For any of those whishing to join in please feel free
Farther Loopycrazymofo ::zonked: will be making a notice of next one

But until that day sod the SL*g and we will kick arse on PGR banger racing while he gets over his two knocking one out over freshly downloaded porn or could have been on the Stella's
he's fell asleep on live b4 :beer: But whilst on PGR becareful of the metro parked up on bricks as he could be asleep in the back :boring:

Then again the was an artical about a bloke who accidentally hung himself whilst videoing him self head line (Perv Filmed His Dungeon Death) Pg 47 of the Sun

:clap: :rotfl: :smashin: :thumbsup:


they seek him here they seek him there they seek that rascal everywhere is hein heaven is he in hell that damn elusive
ca-haptain ah well close enough or has he moved in with manic missing you xxx mofo

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