M&C CE Delay At CD-WOW


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For those of you waiting for your delivery of The R1 2 disc Collectors Edition of Master And Commander from CD-WOW, you will have to wait a bit longer.

Just had an email from CD-WOW saying that they’ve had a delay from their supplier and are awaiting confirmation of a delivery date.

What with the fiasco of Kill Bill R3 and now this, I bet they can’t wait for April to be over!
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Slightly unfair to blame cd-wow !!!
Plenty of other suppliers have still not got stock,although as cd-wow usualy
send canadian,which has been shipped from many sources,maybe they will be shipping the full us version?,which is still being sent out at e-tailers who usualy deliver earlier!!
The Kill bill problem wasnt there fault as they were told that the version they were getting would be uncut.
The problem with the kill bill releases is down to the various regions trying to make a quick buck by fibing about there version being uncut-which probably could be depending on where you saw the film on release!


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I was merely letting other members know that there is a delay at CD-WOW because of their suppliers. (No blame there)

The fiasco with Kill Bill R3, which everyone knows was beyond their control. (No blame there)

“I bet they can’t wait for April to be over!” suggests that their having a run of bad luck that’s all. (No blame there)

Where’s the blame?
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