M-Audio ?


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Do know if you can buy this card in uk ? link or is it brand new and coming out soon.


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When I bought my Delta 410, I asked m-audio uk whee to get it, I'm sure they'll do teh same for teh Revoloution. I'm not saying you shouldn't get it from Digital Connection, as tey are a superb company, but I guess it would be a hassle for any RMA if you were to be unlucky.


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That's exactly what happened to me - the 410 I got had a dicky channel, which blasted out MILES louder than the others. Just got the replacement yesterday - darn customs charged me again, even though it is a free replacement - I'll be fighting that one out on Monday.

The cheapest source I found in the UK for the 410 was Millennium Music - might be worth contacting them....
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