M-audio DIO2496 question?


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Have just installed the dio2496 card and have it working through optical out to my tag av32r. I am using winamp and the ASIO driver. The Quality is good but not as good as my tag transport.

Could anyone tell me:

1. On the M-audio control panel the mixer shows that sound is coming through the waveout 1/2 therfore going through the hardware mixer to get to the spdif port, is it possible to change this so that winamp sends the stream to the waveout s/pdif bypassing the mixer and would this improve sound quality?

2. I am using the asio driver ver 43, which one should i be using, normal, sse, sse2 or sse3.

Thanks for your help.



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I use the same card with Media Center 10, so I don't know hwo does it exactly works on WinAmp, but there should be ASIO channel offset. Offset 0 is for the analogue out (channels 1/2), offset 2 is for SPDIF (ch. 3/4). If you set the offset to 2 the Delta control pannel will show activity only on SPDIF.

Hope this works.


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your a star, thanks for that did the trick, and sounds better now not sure i can tell the difference between pc and cd player now. Which is great.

One other problem though, i have been using theatertek and zoomplayer dvd players with no problem with my creative card, but cant get either to work with the delta. zoomplayer gives an error, tt plays the film but with just noise.
If i switch to non spdif sound works fine but of course do not get dolby digtal feed.

any ideas?


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Did you set default audio devide (Control Panel) to Delta SPDIF. In advance options select 5.1 speaker setup.

For each player select 'Use SPDIF'.


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I only have one option for default audio in the control panel which is Delta Dio. I have reinstalled the drivers, still the same.

Do you have more than one choice in your control panel for the dio card then?

Not sure if this is relevant but when i play a wav in media player it plays at 22050hz, shouldnt this be 48Khz?


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I was using old driver, but after reinstalling 5.10.0036 the available device in Sound and Audio Devices Properties control panel the following lists playback devices:
  • Delta DiO 1/2
  • Delta DiO Multi
  • Delta DiO S/PDIF
The 22050 sample rate also looks wrong. WAV should play @ 44100.

In the Delta's own control panel under the hardware settings 'Rate Locked' should be not be ticked. Master Clock s/be on Internal.


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Well reformatted and reinstalled windows XP and the drivers...no difference!

I had not been using the drivers from the m-audio website as the cd that came with the card were later Driver: and Panel 1.01.10. Did not make sense as normally drivers off the web are later. This was giving me just the one option in audio devices.

Downloaded the web drivers and installed them instead driver: panel:1.03.16 - 2.1.04 Then had excatly the 3 options you have and now everything works fine at last :)
Dolby Digital DVD's and ASiO through winamp.

normql wav files play at 44.1K its the windows startup/shutdown etc sounds that play at 22.05Khz

I can only assume that the drivers are numbered wrong and the web ones must be the latest ones although windows did say overwriting newer drivers...any thoughts?

Thanks again for your help, greatly appreciated.
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