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M- Audio BX5 to turntable - Richersounds guy said it would never work


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Hi, I have 2 M-Audio BX5 D3 studio monitors (active) which I currently use plugged through aux in my laptop. I wanted to buy a turntable for the purpose of listening to tunes rather than learning to mix howeverrrr having just got off the phone to richer sounds I was told it was not possible to connect my active speakers to turntables because 'XLR balanced and 1/4” balanced/unbalanced inputs' are not appropriate. As you can already tell I know f all but as helpful as the richer sounds guy was trying to be, he also admitted to not knowing anything about dj gear or the electronic turntables used for mixing purposes.

Long story short I'm just posting for some information on what cables or turntable would be appropriate to connect to my speakers. I just want to listen to tunes rather than mix but if that means purchasing one mix ready vinyl player in order to do so thats fine.



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It can be done as I am doing at this very moment with my active speakers.

Depending on the turntable you will need -

Turntable > Phono RIAA preamp (may be built in) > selector switch/volume control > speakers.

XLR can be connected to RCA phono connection either with cable made up or with an adaptor.

I use my Project RPM 1.3 genie through a Edwards Apprentice MC preamp to a SMPRo M-Patch speaker controller/passive preamp to my active speakers - cable are RCA from turntable to phono preamp to M-Patch and then XLR to Active speakers. So not a fully balances system, just the easiest way to connect them up.

The M-patch has two inputs so you can use a turntable and a laptop with independent volume controls.

So all do-able - there are cheap and more expensive options so let us know your budget and I am sure people will chip in with options either new or second hand.


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M-Audio BX5 D3 studio monitors (active) which I currently use plugged through aux in my laptop.

This method of connecting laptop or PC to amp/active or powered speakers doesn't usually give great audio quality - though your laptop could be an exception.

Seeing as you wish to add another source to the setup (i.e. turntable), I'd be tempted to purchase a device that has both a USB input (and thus also has a DAC inbuilt), a line level input, a volume control and a line level output. There should be a switch to select source thus allowing either laptop or turntable to be selected. The turntable would either need to have an inbuilt phono preamp/EQ (there are several turntables with inbuilt phono preamp/EQ at the budget end of the market) or you'll need to purchase a stand-alone one.

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