M-Audio Audiophile 96khz problem


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Anyone have an audiophile card and get the problem where the card detects/samples at 96khz via spdif and consequently doesn't get dd/dts passthru?

The control panel on the card shows 96khz and my amp detects 96khz yet I'm only playing an MP3 or watching some TV. If I go into the nVidia control panel then sometimes it corrects itself, othertimes not.

Cable Monkey

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What about the M-Audio control panel.

The Dude

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It's ages since I've had my 2496 up and running... but I think you may have to set the SPDIF output type to 'data' in the Maudio control panel.

-could be a total red-herring that, but it's a setting that you definitely need to change, in order to get something or other working proerly... :)


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i think it is a red herring, changing to data means I get nothing at all, it's set to audio by default and that's the setting it works at. All I've done is set m-audio s/pdif as the default playback device in win control panel, set the nvidia settings to s/pdif passthru to an amp, I'm getting passthru sometimes but itermittently it seems I get nothing at all and my receiver shows 96khz being received and the m-audio control panel shows 96khz too. It's very odd and annoying.

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