M.2 SSD compatibility with ASUS Rog Strix Z370-H


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Ok, I'm a little confused here so I hope someone can help!

My current PC config is as follows:

Asus ROG Strix Z370-H Gaming Motherboard.
Intel Core i-5 8600K @ 4.8ghz.
16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3000mhz Corsair Vengeance.
GTX 1080ti.
Corsair RM750X PSU.
1x SSD 128GB (Windows), plugged into SATA1.
1x SSD 750GB (Steam), plugged into SATA2.
1x HDD 1TB (Other games, music and stuff), plugged into SATA3.
1x DVD RW drive, plugged into SATA4.

I think the HDD is on its way out, so what I want to do is get a 1TB M.2 SSD (the Mobo has 2x M.2 slots), install it, move / copy everything from the HDD over to it, then take out the HDD and bin it.

I'm confused because I keep reading on forums that putting in an M.2 drive will disable 1 or more of the SATA ports (the Mobo has 6 total).

I know there are 2 variants of M.2 drive (Sata, and PCIe / NVME), is it correct that only if I get a SATA variant it will disable SATA ports, whereas getting a NVME variant won't?

Also, does the M.2 port you use have an effect on SATA ports getting disabled or not?

Is there anything I need to do in the Bios?

I've read the Mobo manual a few times but all it does is confuse me more!

I just need someone to tell me “ok, get an M.2???? drive, plug it into M.2 slot???? and this ???? will happen!”

Any help much appreciated!



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The specs for that board are unusually worded and say that M.2 slot #1 shares bandwidth with ports 1 and 2 and "Adjust BIOS settings to use SATA device. "

So possibly some sort of port multiplier setup?

Either way, it only affects two SATA ports and you've got six ports and four (soon three) devices so can you simply not use SATA ports 1 and 2?


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Just downloaded the manual to see which options are available to you, if you use the m.2 socket nearest the CPU then that only supports NVMe drives so won't effect you using any Sata ports on the board, the other m.2 socket supports NVMe and also Sata m.2 drives and again if you use a NVMe drive that won't effect the Sata ports, only if you use a Sata type m.2 drive which are rare now anyway.

So as long as you use a NVMe m.2 drive then it won't effect and ports on the board and most drives available now are NVMe anyway.
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