lyp sync with hdmi


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just watching anchar man on movies hd and i have noticed lyp sync issues.i am connected with hdmi lead from box to tv ,no anyone else seeing this.perhaps its sky.


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Hi Mats

What TV are you using?
With plasma,lipsync is always an issue, sometime more noticable than others, especially with HD!
There is an audio delay option on the optical output to counter act this if you are connecting to an av amp. Otherwise, I am afraid it is a case of you will get used to it.

Sorry to be bringer of bad news.



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hi mate thanks.i have a panny was quite noticeble with that movie but does not seem to bad on other HD channels.


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it seemed to be a lot better last night,maybe they had a few problems at sky.


I have a 42PV500 and notice lip sync is very poor on the National Geographic HD channel!

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