Lyngdorf SDA 2400 power amp.

Derek S-H

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Apologies if this has already been asked in the main Lyngdorf Thread, but I just thought it would be quicker to enquire here rather than trawl through hundreds of pages!

I'm due to have a speaker demonstration in early June - one speaker just supports a single pair of binding posts, one supports bi-amping and the last supports tri-amping.

I know Lyngdorf sell a power amp - the SDA 2400 - so my queries are:

1. How would I connect it up to my existing TDAI 3400?
2. I presume this wouldn't affect Room Perfect in any way?
3. Has anyone tried either the bi-amp or tri-amp configuration in their set up? Better or not really worth the outlay as the 3400 is powerful enough?



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@Derek S-H I don’t think the high/low pass filter settings in the 3400 will apply in your case as even if you do bi-amp, a pair of passive speakers will still have their own internal crossover (or rather when the speaker terminal links are removed each will have a hardware high or low pass filter between terminals and driver).

Then again someone more knowledgeable than me might correct me. Perhaps there would be an advantage, but you’d need to know exactly what type of filter slope was used and at what frequency in the speakers and match that in the amp.

Derek S-H

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@DT79 - I'm still at the exploratory stage as I haven't had my demos yet (as you know)!

I used to tri-amp my PMC's with 1 x Arcam A32 and 2 x P35, but that all went by the wayside once I got the 3400 - I just couldn't afford another £4000+ for 2 x 2400.

I didn't bother with any filter gubbins with that set up - just wired everything up and plugged it in - it seemed to work okay and sounded fine.

I still don't know which speakers I'll prefer on the day, I may end up with the Spendors which only support single wiring, but I thought I'd just enquire anyway just in case I go down the bi/tri-amping route again.

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