LXG Shock... not as bad as its made out to be


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watched this at the weekend, despite the critical mauling it got at the hands of reviewers, but then, so did Blade Runner.

For a Friday night in with the kids on the big screen and the sound turned up to the max it was excellent.

So if anyone out there has been put off by all the negativity in the press just give it a try.



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What is LXG?


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Games Guru - LXG = League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

And, yup - I enjoyed it too. No masterpiece, but some of the visualization was really unique, and the idea (though open to nerdy dissection) of all the literary characters teaming up was a good one.

Reviews for films these days seem to be far more prone to bandwagon-jumping (both positive and negative) than they ever used to be. I guess we have the Internet to thank.

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