Lx81 & ps3?


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I have my PS3 connected via HDMI only in the BD HDMI on the LX81, however the amp is saying "not supported" whenever I try and put it on?

I've tried to turn the HDMI control off, but it makes no difference?

How have you all got the PS3 connected and working via HDMI?



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Mine is working fine. Check your PS3 output options and try another HDMI cable.


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Thanks for the reply, I have tried another HDMI cable, but still no luck, just to confirm do you have the HDMI from the PS3 going into a HDMI input on the Amp and then an HDMI output from the amp going into your TV?

What settings do you think I need on the PS3?


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I've just had a thought, hang on......


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I've my USA PS3 connected to the HDMI 1 input on the LX81 as I've my Panasonic BD35 connect to the BD HDMI input on the LX81. All ok so far.


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I changed 2 things so not sure which was the problem, but I suspect the audio.

1) I had audio set up as optical as I was playing COD4 on the projector with headphones so change this to HDMI audio. (I suspect this was the culprit).

2) Also change the display to 1080i as it was set to 1080p which is what the projector takes but TV doesn't.

I'm a happy bunny again. :thumbsup:

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