LX6900 anyone


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Has anyone actually got this tv seems a good feature set for the money , £945 seems a good price at 1staudiovisual for the 42inch.


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yes i got the lg lx6900 47 version still messing with the settings though its a led tv 3d is brilliant, sound average, picture still trying to sort


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Hi Im thinking about bighting the bullet and getting one of these, the 42" Version, all the user reviews seem positive but most of the expert ones mention crosstalk as a problem, and mentioned about high motion scenes being a problem. Jusst wondering when youve managed to set it up, have you noticed anything like this. Ive got a samsung UE40"B7020 at the moment which is pretty good so Id really like to know how it stacks up against this.
Cheers to you both for the above info.
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Was given the 47 inch lx6900 for Christmas. Haven't been too impressed with the issue of clouding around the edges of the screen (mainly at the bottom of the screen). When "LED Local Dimming" is set to "On" it isn't as bad but it's still noticeable.

According to the LG website the lx6900 has edge lit LEDs LG 47LX6900 Television - 47" LED 3D TV with Freeview HD, Netcast and 200Hz - LG Electronics UK .

TV was bought from Richer Sounds, went back there and they have agreed to change the TV. Was drawn towards the Samsung 8000 and LG le8900 (le8900 doesn't have 3D, which I have to admit isn't a massive problem for me, also according to LG website it has full backlit LEDs LG 47LE8900 Television - 47" Full LED Infinia TV with Freeview HD, Netcast and 200Hz - LG Electronics UK ).

Having looked at as many reviews as possible and having seen both the TV's in action at Richer Sounds I'm changing my lx6900 for an le8900 tomorrow.


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after returning 3 tv back to richersounds:mad: i have been offered a lx6900 47 inch as a replacement for a bit more cash also my current tv is a samsung 680c 50 inch 3d lovely tv but problems with black banding on screen after 2 weeks:( and image retention really bad on hd channels was wondering if the lg 6900 is a good replacment for the samsung as have no more funds to buy more expensive tv always seems to be bad reviews about every telly i look at lol not sure what to do as i will be getting the replacment next week any help gratefull :lease:


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Now £499 at Amazon, can anyone comment on the 3D with this set? as its the only thing holding me back from getting it, also there seems to be a new update for it and I think its for the 3D has anyone applied the update and noticed any improvement with cross talk?

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