Lutron Lighting


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Does anybody know if I buy a Luton Grafik 3000 series on the net from the States ,will I be able to use it in the U.K.
Thanks in Advance .......Jim


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I don't beleive you can, i can't be specific at the moment but the settings would be set for 110v and be based on USA wattage loads


I would have thought any internal wiring would be based on 110V as ntslik suggests..... depending on the mode of operation, the basic working might be ok..... but it would be an electrical hazard since the wiring would not be capable of its load



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I have bought my grafixeye from a large installer of systems in cruise ships/Theaters. That was also much cheaper than the official channel.

They sell new GrafixEye 3106 units with ir remote for 599 Euro excluding Dutch VAT (20%) So that will be around 720 Euro's.

Do not know if i am allowed to place a commercial link here, but i can PM it if you think it is interesting.



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i did respond by PM.

Hopfully the price is right for you. I still like the Lutron very much. Worked flawlesly for the time i owned it (X10 let me down sometimes)


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