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I have a question about the Lutron Grafik Eye system. We are thinking of installing it in a room at home.

There are two doors into the room, is it possible to have a Graphik Eye at either end of the room so we can use it whichever way we go in.

I think the two controllers should be linked so that whatever you select on one changes the other.

Or maybe I have a Graphik Eye at one end, and some sort of accessory controller at the other ???

Many thanks for you help with this.


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I would normally hide the GrafikEye altogether and install two keypads one at each end of the room. You can though have one GrafikEye on show and then one Keypad at the other end which has the same functions. I would normally use the Architectural slim one which I think is quite nice, or there is a normal UK 1-gang one too:

Lutron GRAFIKEye Components >> Accessory Keypads


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Thanks ... very interesting.

So, could I just check I understand this correctly. If I wanted a 3rd control then I could use 2 accessory keypads.

What I am thinking is getting

1 x Grafik Eye 3106
2 x Architectural Style Keypads

Could I ask, please,

Would I need anything else? I want to control the 6 lighting zones from three locations.

Can I set more than 4 scenes with this set up? If I understand the website, then the Grafik eye itself can only handle 4, but the accessories might be able to handle more?

Thanks for you help with this


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Technically you can store more scenes in the controller than the buttons on the front give you and you can assign these to certain keypads. But you are going to get yourself in trouble if you have to walk to one side of the kitchen to get one type of scene, and back to the other end to get another type of scene.

Depending on what it is you are trying to do have you considered just dropping some Rako dimmers and wireless keypads in?


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I'm with Liam on this one. Whatever one keypad does, the other duplicates.

You can link two Grafik Eye's together, but this is overkill for what you are after and costly.

The Grafik Eye allows you to connect multiple keypads and this helps with multiple points of control.

If you wanted different scenes to be selected from either keypad, then I would look at a couple of options from different manufacturers.

Depending on the loads per circuit you could use Rako wireless dimmers as Liam suggested, or an iLight DIN Rail solution but need a proper installation in a specific casing.

These are limited to 2 amps per circuit but only offer 4 circuits and total unit consumption cannot exceed 6 amps.

Grafik Eye's are great but can't give the multiple scene option setup of other systems.

A bit of clever programming on the Grafik Eye and linking circuits in a scene can make the room seem as if it has a lot more control than 4 or 6 circuits.

Hope this helps.


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I have 4 Grafik Eyes all linked with 8 keypads and a rs232 control covering my ground floor and stairs/landings so it is possible but it was complicated to get set up correctly and I'm sure there is a more elegant way of doing the same thing.

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