Question lurry red text on Insignia NS-24D510NA15 I've tried everything!


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I was praying you guys could help me. I'd like to say this issue was not always present, but it may be possible I have just not noticed it until now.

Red text on my TV is extremely blurry using HDMI as an input method for my computer, especially on a dark background. I don't have a way to test any other inputs method such as VGA, nor does my GPU support it. I don't get this issue with any other devices connected to my TV.

I've researched this issue for days and have tried an abundance of steps to no avail, you guys are my last hope!

The steps I've tried are as follows:

-Ensured the PC was running at the native resolution of the TV
-Turned off all post processing on both the TV and via windows. (Overscan, underscan, aspect ratio, adaptive contrast, etc)
-Uninstalled the display drivers, did a full cleaning of any residual files. Downloaded the newest drivers and tried older ones as well.
-Adjust the refresh rate in windows, going between 59 and 60.
-Replaced HDMI cable
-Made sure any "gaming" modes on the TV were off. The TV does recognize the HDMI input as "PC" when the HDMI cable is connected.
-I've adjusted and turned off Clear Type in windows
-Created a custom color profile for windows using both the standard and a "professional" monitor calibration tool.
-Looked for any applicable options in the service menu, though I chickened out as I have no idea what i'm doing and would not like to cause further harm to the display.

I'm at a loss on what to do. Again, I don't recall this problem being presently until recently, at least not that I've noticed.

Thank you all in advance for any time you make reviewing this post and helping me come to a solution.

Thank you again so much,


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Insignia is not a make that is known in UK or Europe. It's an 'own label' brand from the Best Buy group. As with all these types of outlets it depends on where the unit was sourced to identify solutions, if any, to particular problems.

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